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Why you should make your bed EVERY morning

I made 2 beds this morning. The first bed was the one that Kyle and I share, the second was the spare room. I slept in two beds last night so I had two beds to make this morning.

Guess how long they took. (Yes, I timed myself.)

The master was 1:28 minutes. The other was 1:25 minutes. That’s less than a minute and a half each! I took 3 minutes this morning to makes my beds.

If you’re not making your bed every morning, why the heck not??

You can no longer tell yourself you don’t have the time.

“It’s not a priority”, At least that seems legitimate. But for 88 seconds, let me tell you why it should be.

My top 3 reasons.

1. Your bed is the largest surface in your room (excluding floor space). When you walk into your room, that is where your eye goes. It’s the first thing you see. If your bed is messy, your whole room looks messy. But if your bed is made and there’s a pile of clothing on the floor, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

2. It just feels better. When you walk into your room, and it’s tidy with a made bed, a feeling of calmness will wash over you if you let it. Your bedroom should be the place you go to get away from your busy life. If it’s just one more space that looks and feels cluttered, you’re really not able to escape anything.

3. You sleep better in a made bed - Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like fighting for blankets all night long because you can’t find your half.

Some of my other favorites:

- If you do nothing else all day, at least you got your bed made.

- You get an instant sense of accomplishment that will spread elsewhere through out the day.

- It is the fastest way to make your bedroom look good.

- Show off your fancy bedding!

- Nothing beats the feeling of crawling into a nicely made bed

Now go make your bed! Try timing yourself while you’re at it. I bet it takes only a fraction of

the amount of time you think it does.

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