How NOT to buy a dud

Have you ever received a gift that was so off the mark that you didn’t know what to do with it but you felt like you had to keep it? I used to feel that way about collectibles and ornaments. Over the years I have been given some beautiful but useless items. I would always thank the giver and place the item in my china cabinet. Then three things happened… 1. I now had an extra item to dust. 2. The items multiplied. And 3, I began to resent the gift givers. Why did I feel resentful? Because I hate dusting! Those gifts caused me extra work and cluttered up my china cabinet. The items I did truly love were now hidden in the back. I know you want to give little tokens to your friends, family, and

Holiday Spending on a Budget

I have been using my 3 step holiday budget planning method for years. Not once have I ever used this system and gone into debt over the holidays. However, I have skipped it, and paid the price come January. Are you ready? 3 Simple steps to surviving the chaotic holiday spending spree. 1. CREATE A PLAN. When creating a financial plan for the holidays, it’s important to plan for the unexpected. Here are the some of the things I put on my plan. · List of people I want to buy a gift for · Events I am attending and what I will need ( a new outfit, hostess gift, cab fare, etc) · Events I am hosting, and what I will need to purchase (new table linens, new outfit, food, etc) · Unexpected gifts 2. DE

Why you should make your bed EVERY morning

I made 2 beds this morning. The first bed was the one that Kyle and I share, the second was the spare room. I slept in two beds last night so I had two beds to make this morning. Guess how long they took. (Yes, I timed myself.) The master was 1:28 minutes. The other was 1:25 minutes. That’s less than a minute and a half each! I took 3 minutes this morning to makes my beds. If you’re not making your bed every morning, why the heck not?? You can no longer tell yourself you don’t have the time. “It’s not a priority”, At least that seems legitimate. But for 88 seconds, let me tell you why it should be. My top 3 reasons. 1. Your bed is the largest surface in your room (excluding floor space). Whe

Sentimental Attachment

Motivational Monday – November 18th, 2019 Happy Monday friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy, and I didn’t get all of what I wanted to accomplish accomplished. I had planned to downsize my crafting supplies, specifically my jewelry making stuff. I decided my time with this hobby is complete. I don’t want to make time for it anymore. I’m done. But still I can’t seem to part with it. I seem to have a million reasons why I should keep the stuff, but when I examined all the reasons I have, I realized none of them were true. So, I kept digging. Finally, I found my answer. And I didn’t like it. The only reason I have to hang on to this stuff is sentimental attachment. I’m

Evaluating your Space with 4 Quick Questions

Yesterday I introduced you to some of the questions I ask when creating a new space. Today I want to talk about the evaluation process I use to continue perfecting it. Contrary to popular belief, organizing is never a one-time deal. It’s something you have to evaluate frequently. Habits change, needs change, possessions change. Your organizing systems have to be able to change with your life. When I originally set up my office a year and a half ago, my needs were very different. It was mostly a craft space with a small office, now it’s mostly an office with a small need for crafting. My space must adapt. Before I start doing anything, I stop and evaluate. I need to really zero in on my thoug

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