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Change your life in 16 weeks,

kick start it in one day.

From cluttered homes bursting at their seams, to ice cream dinners and too tight jeans, over spending, and over extending, more and more women are referring to themselves as a hot mess.

But it's not your fault. 

Never in history have we been able to acquire so much stuff. We have dollar stores every few blocks and marketers know how to lure us in. Many of us have inherited not just our parents possessions but our grandparents as well. Most of us weren't taught to budget, or organize. Nutritional information is confusing. Our culture of being accessible 24/7 and saying yes when we mean no, is EXHAUSTING.  

Even if we were taught these things, we weren't taught how to manage the emotions that feed them. And this is everything. Emotions are the reason we do everything. Or don't do anything. 


Calming the Chaos was created precisely to tackle the hot mess 5.  


First, we get your space organized by conquering the clutter.

Next, we prioritize your health by dealing with your sustenance.

Then, we systematize your schedule so you can make the most of your time.

Finally, we tackle your finances by dealing with your spending.  

And let’s not forget the most important of all, the secret sauce of  sustainability. Nothing I teach is worth learning if it’s not sustainable.    


We all have a finite amount of will power.


Your will power, will eventually run out. When you can’t white knuckle it any more, you’ll want to throw in the towel..


Maybe you’ve been too afraid to start because you already know that you don’t have the will power to follow through. Or maybe the overwhelm has got you defeated.


In my 16 week Calming the Chaos program, I teach you how to tame the Hot Mess 5 by reigning in the overwhelm and sustainably bypassing will power.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Kickstart your journey with 1:1 in home organizing for instant results + 16 weeks of coaching to give you lasting results. 

No kickstart required. Let's get started with 16 weeks of coaching and get the chaos calmed!

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